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Agility Iraq at a Glance


The Warehousing Company for Shipping, Discharging and Custom Clearance LLC




Al Baradiya, Sayed Ameen Street
2nd Qtr, Basra, Iraq

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ISO 9001
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001

Strong Road Freight Operations

Strong Road Freight Operations

A fleet of modern, well-maintained vehicles plus carefully selected preferred haulers forms the backbone of road freight operations. Trucks equipped with GPS and vehicle locator systems provide constant visibility of goods in transit. Temperature monitoring and control available.

Customer-Focused Air and Ocean Freight

Customer-Focused Air and Ocean Freight

Specialists at four hubs help customers achieve an ideal balance of time, space, frequency and cost for their air freight. We work with global ocean lines to optimize capacity and rates through consolidation. Multiple carrier options ensure capacity requirements are fulfilled even during peak shipping periods.

Customized Heavy Lift Fulfillment

Customized Heavy Lift Fulfillment

Agility Iraq customizes trailers for project logistics’ heavy lift and heavy load deliveries to construction sites where our teams manage complex, time-critical cargo movements.

Powered By Technology

Agility’s industry-leading tools offer customers collaboration in the cloud; inventory, vendor, and document management; EDI; instant quotes and online booking; tailored reporting; and full visibility and control down to the SKU level.

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Out-of-gauge air charters to Majnoon oil field

Out-of-gauge air charters to Majnoon oil field

Agility was tasked with managing the delivery of gas turbines from the United Kingdom and the United States to the Majnoon oil field. Cargo was shipped via 34 Antonov aircrafts from the U.S. and eight charters from the U.K. The turbines were then transported to the field in night convoys over a series of 990 journeys covering an excess of 121,000 kilometers. The shipments were conducted under strict health and safety guidelines to ensure an incident-free operation and a secure working environment. All trucks were equipped with in-vehicle monitoring systems that provided constant visibility throughout the journey. Agility succeeded in the face of challenges of working across multiple timezones, various offices and a number of different languages. The project highlighted the extremely focused and collaborative nature of staff and subcontractors.
Exceeding safety standards while moving oil rigs from Saudi Arabia to Iraq

Exceeding safety standards while moving oil rigs from Saudi Arabia to Iraq

The oil and gas industry has stringent safety regulations, and Agility faced strict customer guidelines when we moved three 1,500-horsepower oil rigs. To facilitate the move from Al-Khobar in Saudi Arabia to the Majnoon oil field in southern Iraq (a driving distance of about 677 kilometers), Agility provided 35 dedicated trucks. Each had a qualified driver trained in special defensive driving techniques. All of the trucks and cranes used in the operation were certified safe before being put on the road. For added security, the trucks were equipped with Agility’s proprietary in-vehicle tracking system to provide constant visibility along the route. Our comprehensive approach ensured that the highest safety standards were upheld as the rigs traveled through Kuwait to Iraq and across the Safwan border.
Meeting tight timelines for open yard pipe storage

Meeting tight timelines for open yard pipe storage

With only one month’s notice, Agility needed to prepare our open yard storage in North Rumaila for 15,000 CBMs of coated pipes. The preparation process to receive and store the pipes required us to conduct ground compaction and construct concrete sleepers to meet client specifications. Agility coordinated with a third-party Iraqi transport company to receive 25 trucks per day from Umm Qasr Port to North Rumaila and conduct the offloading operation using two cranes to ensure that everyone was operating in an incident-free, safe working environment. We managed to complete the pipe operation within 22 days without any delays to the customer.
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